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17 March 2023

SIDGS SAMi v2.2 Mint Release

SIDGS Smart API Marketplace, Innovative-Integrated

Version 2.2

Release Notes

Edition: 1.0

Sep 2022

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Figure 1 Components of SAMi 


The Release Notes describe critical information related to the SIDGS SAMi v2.2 

*Note: Please read this document before installing or using this software.  


Target audience profiles: Solution Developers, Software Development Engineers, Product Managers, and QA Engineers. 

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Associated Documents  

  • SIDGS SAMi Installation and Configuration Guide  
  • SIDGS SAMi User Guide – Still a work in progress 
  • SIDGS_SAMi-v2.2-Mint_Release-Notes.docx 


Smart API Marketplace
SAMi is a marketplace with a Unified Catalog of API based Products created and managed by Product and engineering teams 

SAMi is a one-stop marketplace for app developers to discover, try, subscribe, and use APIs provided by the numerous API Gateways community that focuses on enabling API based Solutions 

Below is an architecture outlay for your reference. 

 Software Versions  

The software versions referred to in this document:  

Product Version  Supported Platforms 
SIDGS SAMi Server 2.2    AWS, GCP, APIGEE Hybrid, Saas, OPDK, X  


SAMi Marketplace & Configuration 

  • Unique APIs marketplace with API-Product catalogs, Order, Entitlement, and Fulfilment Management 
  • User Dashboards for Product Owners, Developers, and Partners 
  • Elastic Search for Products across multiple categories 
  • Marketplace styling, Notifications and Alerts 

SAMi API Product Management 

  • Unified Product Catalog Management of multiple Product categories 
  • Set Recommendation of Products for user consumption 
  • Monetize API-Products with personalized Rate plans for products with a single product supporting multiple rate plans 
  • User Ratings for products 

Subscription Management 

  • Centralized Subscription Management for all category API-products  
  • Active & Inactive subscription listings with individual Active durations & Subscription Approval Management 
  • Profile Management of individual developers, Product Managers, and Administrators 
  • Product Unsubscribe and App disablement options are available  


  • Monetize assets 
  • Create Multiple rate plans for users 
  • User-specific product rate-plan capability 
  • Billing Reports with earnings per product and rate plans based 
  • PayPal integration for monetization 
  • Recurring payments for API subscriptions 

Assets Management 

  • Manage all assets like SDKs, API specifications, Product Features & FAQs from a single pane 
  • Reuse Assets for Products resulting in efficient portfolio consolidation 
  • Create & manage Product SKUs with versioning & permissions for users 
  • Quick search capabilities and display customizations for individual assets’ documentation 

Apps & teams 

  • Define Apps & create teams to collaborate on the development 
  • Invite developers/subscribers for APPs 
  • Built-in approvals workflow capability 
  • Unsubscribe users and apps 

API Consumer Management 

  • Unified catalog for all API gateways 
  • Guest user onboarding & unified catalog 
  • API Product Subscription Management 
  • System, Application Alerts, Notifications & Announcements broadcast 
  • Built-in Sandbox capabilities 
  • Real-time Theme-ing & UX capabilities 

Upgrade Paths 

  • SAMi v1.0 >> SAMi Mint release 
  • Scratch install SAMi v2.2 


For correspondence contact SIDGS-SAMi support, mail to: for queries, details, upgrades, renewals, or correspondence. For additional information, visit: 

The Software support area of the Software Website includes the following:  

  • Downloadable documentation.  
  • Troubleshooting information.  
  • Patches and updates.  
  • Problem reporting.  
  • Training information.  
  • Support program information. 

New Features/Enhancements  

Following are the new features/enhancements added to the SIDGS SAMi V2.2.  

  1. Rate Plan Subscription Management (Cancel Rate plan Subscription by PO)  
  2. Manage Plans  
  3. Create Rate Plan & assign a default rate plan  
  4. Available Rate plans  
  5. Billing reports with monthly report option  
  6. PayPal integration for global payments  
  7. PubHub integration for data publishing  
  8. Product Subscription (Monetized and Non-Monetized)  
  9. Explore  
  10. Manage Approvals page  
  11. My Rate Plans  
  12. My Subscribed Rate Plans (Cancel Rate plan Subscription for Consumer And “Add to App”)  
  13. Recurring payments option (Monetized and Non-Monetized)  
  14. Email templates  

SAMi Software licensing  

For correspondence contact SIDGS-SAMi support, mail to: for queries, details, upgrades, renewals, or correspondence. For additional information, visit: 

Fixed problems  

The following problems are fixed in this release since the last release. 

ID   Description 
SM-2  Monetization 
SM-312  Implementation of Automatic Recurring Payment 
SM-398  Add a “Cancel Subscription” button on a Rate Plan Cards in “Subscribed Rate Plan” Page 

Known problems  

The following problems are found in this release.  

ID  Description  
SM-476  Update the Rate Plan and Subscription End Date for the Developer Accepted API 

Known limitations 

The following limitations are found in this release. 

ID   Description 
  Once a consumer cancels a Rate Plan Subscription, it is mandatory for the consumer to purchase the plan again. Refunding the prorated amount or having access to the Rate Plan till the end of the month is currently not available. 


There are no deprecations found in this release.

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