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3 April 2023

Product Review and Ratings

The product review and ratings feature will help the developer to add product reviews and submit ratings on individual products.

To add a product review or rating from Home page, do the following:

  1. In Home page, search a product by providing the keywords/product name in the search field and press Enter.

The Explore page appears with relevant search results.

2. In Explore page, click on Read More of the selected product card.

The product Summary page appears.

3. In the Product Summary page, hover over the mouse on the 5 stars (choose from 1 to 5 stars) to provide your ratings to that product. When you submit the rating a ‘done’ message appears.

4. Similarly, to add review comments, type-in your comments in the textbox provided and click on Submit.

The Review submitted appears below in the same section.

5. To view all review, click on View All Reviews

The ‘Reviews most recent on top’ popup appears displaying with the most recent reviews.

6. Click Close, to close the review popup after viewing it.

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